Sunday, July 31, 2011

"tesate" Plaza senayan - Jakarta

 Last Saturday I had dinner at TESATE Plaza Senayan - Jakarta
The place was so representated the indonesian food culinary and culture..
So relax and cozy there... The music,the smell all is good
I ordered Sate Daging Madura and Traditional Jasmien Tea

Sate Daging Madura
Tips for your fashion detail..Add Earing !!!!
Had dinner with Irene Hadisantoso

Hijab by : Abatub Khaleg ( From Mecca)
Feather Earings by : ALDO accessories
Cardigan By : Gedebage Market - Bandung
Trouser by : N.y.l.a
Sendals by : Far East - Singapore

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Here is the Gunoto's Sister

City Tour in Saudi

Shirt by : NEXT
Bag by : GUESS
Belt by : Hunting in Melawai
Long Skirt by : Zara Collection
Sun Glasses & Flower by : Zam-Zam Tower

Tamara Gunoto

Namira Mosque-Mecca

Photographer by : Bayhakki
Long Cardigan by : Banana Republic
Belt by : Nyla
Sun Glasses by : Gucci
Sandal by : Vinci

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