Saturday, September 20, 2014

20 Fact of Tasya Gunoto

Wardrobe by Dian Pelangi
MUA by AliahLSA | Place Four Seasons Hotel

After been tagged with some of my friend and here are the 20 things that would be the best representation of me : 1.A superrb blessing happy wife of @hariwibowo18 2.I am an ambitious and kind of perfectionist person. 3. Graduted from Trisakti University majoring in graphic designer and now building my own graphic house called @portoftasya4. Then i finished my master on 2014 from Binus Business School majoring in creative marketing 5. Nyot..nyot..nyot (our lovely word with my hubby ♡♡♡♡) 6.I went accelaration class on junior high school 7.I am part of #IndonesianHijabBlogger my blog called #prettyinveil check it out at 8. My first book called "HIJAB LOOKLET" by @kriyapustaka has been the best seller tutorial book at bookstore that time (so blessing) 9. I won the most innovative muslimah from @world.muslimah 2012 10. I love to play piano 11. Now i am working as Creative Director@hijabellamagz 12. I love to eat 13. I am not FAT but i am BOLD 14. I miss Ka'bah alot (hope we can be invited there soon dear..) 15. We have our virtual kids called "abra" 16. For my last wedding day i choose 40 beautiful bestfriends for being my bridesmaid check it out at #tasyabowowedding or #tasyabowo 17. KOALA is our favourite character 18. 7 is my lucky number 19. My dream is ride my own@MercedesBenz ♡♡♡♡♡ 20. My goal is being a truly women by having 4 little kids and be a sholeha wife for my hubby @hariwibowo18 Thats all from me.. thankyu for taggimg me #20factaboutme #20fact #20factabouttasyagunoto #tasyagunoto

Monday, September 8, 2014