Thursday, October 3, 2013

My first skirt collection

Skirt made by order by @prettyinveil

Style Inspiration : Flowery zipper jacket

Photo by Qonitah
Zipped Blazer by BERSHKA
Shawl by @prettyinveil_

Nasional Batik Day,2 ctober 2013

Gold face inspiration for our luxurious Batik

We, as an Indonesian, has the responsibility to tell the world that we have 
National Batik Day.
Batik flows with our blood, it is our identity, it is our pride.

This time, It is our duty to spread it and let the whole world know.

That is our mission as Indonesian people! 
We long to see Batik known in the global world, 
not only being famous in its own home. 
That’s why we use #Batikday, a global language,
 a modest form of communication to bring our nation’s cultural heritage 
celebrated all across the world.