Monday, October 10, 2011

SUCH! Model Hunt 2

Dear All Gorgeus Pretty in Veil Girls...
I am entering the one of indonesian blogger "Model Competion" her name is suchi...Wish me Luck !!

Finally i become the 20 Tops Such! Model Hunt..
Thankyu for the opportunity Suchi..

Klik This Link To See Another Gorgeous Finalist
on SUCH! Model HUNT.....Yeaay!!


  1. Salam sis! Just wanted to say u have a really cool blog, found it today and even linked it on my blog. Is that okay? =)

  2. Your welcome's been my pleasure if you do like my blog hope that we can keep contact and keepin inspiring each other right,,sukron..!!

  3. Aww, definitely! I really like it and we should totally keep in touch :D You're from Malaysia right? :) And thanks for linking me i was soo surprised when I saw it hahah thanks <333

  4. Hahaha your welcome sidraaa...actually i come from Indonesia hihi..where are you come from ??

  5. assalumu alaykum sis i just wonderig how make your blog desein/design, i like your blog,