Friday, March 22, 2013

Let's Sharing Friends =)

"Little is enough for Social Change"-John Wood . 
Willingness is enough to bring about a change,
not power, not big monies nor connections
There is always a way to help

Willing to become an active cooperate in ACT, but no time disposal?
 Join to Relawang Goceng project or 5 k volunteers,
sending IDR 5000 per month to support disaster victims
in Indonesia, Suriah, Rohingya and Somalia. 

The procedure in simple 2 steps : 
(1) Activate a membership as Relawan Goceng
 by sending text message to RG 0009 your name address ID card number 
(2) Send to 085330006000. Thanks for sharing your humanity and welcome to our team!

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