Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My dreaming engagement day !!

My dreaming Engagement Day

I grew up as a girl who had so much faith in fairytales, believing pixie dust will make you fly and a prince charming is going to step into your life.As I grew older, I came up into my senses that life does not work that way. Life has its own bittersweet nature that makes us inevitably appreciate and love it so much. As time went by, I realised that love also has the bitter and sweet that actually keeps us going.

Last Tuesday,on Isra'Miraj day we had our formal engagement reception, in which his family came to my house to officially ask my hand in marriage on behalf of him to my family. You know that rapturous feeling, of being so happy until you cannot feel anything? That's what I have been feeling, experiencing through what seems like a dream.

i do dear....

Tasya Gunoto & Hari Wibowo 
the 'E' day | Jakarta 27 mei 2014

Photo taken by The Portrait | Dress made by order designed by myself |  
Hijab Stylist by me also | Makeup by Wardah Beauty (Mba Tina)

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